New England Patriots Made History

Yes, they did. They, New England Patriots, beat the New York Giants [38-35] and became part of sports history with a standing of 16-0 during the regular season. This is the second time that a team wrapped up the season [well, before the playoffs anyway] with no loss. In 1972, Miami Dolphins [unfortunately, one of the teams this season with few wins] set this same record of no loss , 14 - 0, the Dolphins eventually went to win the SuperBowl that year. Now, Brady's mission is to do the same the Superbowl XLII . It's not like he's never done it before. He has 3 rings already so earning another one is a big possibility.

It was a very close game as the Giants played one of their best games ever. Tom Brady had to go back in the game to be able to make the win. It was well worth it though because they did what only 1 team accomplished so far, a regular season of only wins and no losses. They are the first though to have a record of 16 wins because in 1972, there are only 14 games during the regular season which the Miami Dolphins all won.

So to the Pats, New England Patriots, congratulations. Goodluck to you in the playoffs. Let's hope you play with one my teams during SuperBowl. Hep, hep...hurray!

new england patriots

from: Yahoo News


Mommy said…
sis i hope New England and Dallas Cowboys will face off in Superbowl. I know they beat the Cowboys during the regular season but since then Cowboys improved hehehe for sure it will gonna be a big Super bowl game of the year
Anonymous said…
haha! good luck nalang sa patriots at cowboys! we had fun watching it last night. tom brady rocks! yay! lol

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