A Present for Mommy!!!

Last Saturday, I spent a good part of my afternoon cleaning the kitchen. It was very tiring but well worth it of course because I ended up with a clean kitchen...for an hour at least. Anyway, while I was cleaning our little one was busy doing something in the living rooms...well, she's not allowed in the kitchen while I'm cleaning.

I had no idea what she was doing but I knew it involved paper, tape and her scissors. So when I went to check on my lappy's progress with its maintenance check, I found this hanging on the monitor.

Yep, it's something...made of paper and tape. She said those are rings tied together and its my present for cleaning the kitchen. Right at that moment, I felt all the tiredness flew out the window. Yes, she's one sweet little girl...and we're lucky to have her around. Btw, her two front teeth are loose already...but that's for another entry...LOL


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