Ready for Christmas???

It seems the answer to that question may differ from one person to another. When I was younger, being ready for Christmas was having a new dress with some new shoes so I would be ready come time to go around the neighborhood collecting 'aginaldo'. When I got a bit older it changed a little bit. It was being able to finish the 'nine dawn masses' or the misa de gallo. So it became more spiritual [religious maybe?]. I was always excited to attend them...and finishing the 9 masses was always an accomplishment.

Nowadays, it seems that the meaning of Christmas I grew up believing in is no longer in existence in a lot of people's lives. When you ask someone now if she/he is ready for Christmas, more often than not the answer would be...No! Why? Because the first thing that comes to mind is the 'unfinished shopping'. Sad but true. Hopefully, this is just temporary and people would make a turn around and start to realize that the season is not only about gift and santa but something deeper than that.

How about you, are you ready for Christmas?


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