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It has been more than 4 years since my husband and I decided to have our first home together. Thinking that we would have the new house built in about 6 to 9 months per our builder’s promise, we started looking for realtors. We wanted to make sure that our current house will be in the market and if possible sold by the time the new house is ready for moving in.

We did a lot of searching on homes for sale around our area and its neighboring cities so we would have an idea as to how much a house like our current one sells. It took a while to do all the searching and comparing. So we had a hard time trying to get the feel of the real estate market at that time. In other words, we were not able to put our current house in the market which is probably a good thing since our new house is still not finish after more than 4 years.

But now that we hired a new builder and things look promising, we are again doing some research on realtors. We want a realtor that understands our situation and know the ins and outs of our city and its neighboring cities s to maximize our chances of selling this place to the highest price possible. We are hoping that when the construction of the new house begins, we can put our current house in the homes for sale listing. But since the real estate nowadays is not at its best, we are also looking into putting it in the houses for rent listing to make sure we can at least cover the monthly mortgage for it while we're waiting for the real estate market to go back up. Maybe one day, we can move into our dream house and have this one sold with the help of National Relocation.


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