Sponsored Reviews Affilate Fee

Yep...I just got paid by Sponsored Reviews because someone used the link I have here in my blog to get there. So whoever you are, thanks for dropping by my blog and making me earn a little of moola.

For those of you who still don't know what Sponsored Reviews is, it's a place where bloggers, like me, go to bid on advertisements. They have a lot, and I mean A LOT, of advertisements in their site that one can choose from. If the advertiser like what they see in your blog, they will then ask you to write your review about their products or services. This is probably one of the things I like best about SR, the chance of choosing whatever tickles my fancy.

Another thing I like about Sponsored Reviews is their payment system. No waiting for a month to get paid. Once you finish the review and is submitted to them, the payment is already reflected in your paymen details. Once they see that your review meets all the criteria set by the advertiser, you will be paid for that cycle. A very good example of how simple their payment scheme is what happened today. Today is the day that I'm supposed to be paid. It just so happened that I also finished a few reviews for them today. So when they paid me this afternoon, the reviews I did today are paid already! That fast.

So if you're not yet part of Sponsored Reviews, go to their site and join now. They don't require that your blog is 90 days old. As long as it has something of relevance, they will approve you. Once you're approved, you can register your blogs and bid right away. How hard can that be?


iCalvyn.com said…
SR actually is a nice company... i also make some buck from there
Mec said…
i've actually just joined the paid blogging world... hopefully, we'd both be earning well in the coming year

bloghopping from i dunno na where :D
Unknown said…
Yes I love sponsored reviews too.

Its been a blessing being part of their success!
Anonymous said…
I love sponsored reviews, the only issue i have is that there are soo many other blogs to compete with that say they have page rank but don't. also many advertizers are shying away from blogs with links back to SR, PPP, and PU2B. google also is penalizing advertizers with sponsored links so i don't know if it will last forever.

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