A Tag about Mah Man.....

I already did this tag in my other blog when Senyorita Pokwang tagged me a couple of days ago. However, Vicky dropped by today and passed it on to me as well. So here I am reposting my answers about "Mah Man"

How old Is your Lover? 4o yrs young….
What is your lover’s Favorite Color? None in particular
What Is your Lover’s Favorite Movie? Anything old especially John Wayne’s movies.
What does Your Lover like to do most? Work and work and stay home with us.
How much Do you LOVE your LOVER? A million bucks…nah, can’t measure it.
Is Your Lover a Flirt? Hmm…he can be at times.
Where did you and Your Lover First Meet? Online. in Person? Philippines.
How Long Have You and Your Lover Been going out? Did you mean Staying in? 6 yrs and counting
Do you and your Lover's Parents Have a good relationship? We never met each other’s folks so I can’t really say. But I am easy to get along with so I don't see why not if they're still around.
Does your lover like night or day? Day I believe.
Does your Lover like Rootbeer or Sprite? Neither.
Do you and your Lover get along? Of course not…we’re married, right? Seriously, we do.
Do you and your Lover Fight?If so, Who Wins the fight? Rarely. Nobody wins in a couple’s fight. You just end up regretting it afterwards.
How often do you go to your Lover's house? Everyday. As a matter of fact, I never leave his house…it’s now our house.
What does your lover call you? Honey, Hon, Babe, Baby, Juliana and Mrs. S-head
Is your Lover older or younger than you? Younger by 4 months
Does your Lover buy you gifts often? Yes, but he says I'm too hard to buy a gift for.
Do you Hate your Lover AT TIMES? Hate is too strong of a word but I get pissed at him sometimes.
What is your LOVER’s favorite Sport? To watch is Football…to play – None that I know of.
Does your lover tell you everything? Everything? Important stuff that would affect our family, yes...but minor ones, I don't think so.


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