Total Audio Converter

Technology is a good thing. Really, it is. I just don’t like the complexity that goes with it. Sure the different developments are good but I just can’t wrap my mind around some of the developments sometimes like converting a WAV file into an MP3. Well, my husband can do that for me but he’s not always at my disposal because he is working after all. So where to do I find something that does Total Audio Converter so I wouldn’t have to depend on him so much? Are they affordable? Yes, they are. I found one that’s less than 20 bucks and it does everything. has a Total Audio Converter that’s very affordable. It converts any audio file that you may have to the audio format that you want it to be. It even rips CD and you can even use it if you want to listen to songs. That means that you can listen to the file before or after you convert it so you won’t be converting the wrong one. My husband has songs which he had from the 90s. He has been wanting to convert them to MP3 but he couldn’t find a converter that is compatible with his ancient music and to the more current audio files. He doesn't want to buy one that he can only use for his old audio files but something that's also compatible to the more current ones. I’d probably get him this Total Audio Converter as his birthday present. I may just hit the jackpot on this. I’m sure that after I show him what this Total Audio Converter can do, I can probably ask him for the moon and he wouldn’t say a peep.


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