I already wrote something about this in my Teacher's Corner Blog....and I thought I would just let it go. But everywhere I go online, especially Yahoo News which is my primary source of news, this story is just hogging the news. Just in Yahoo, there's about 4 news about it 3 of them have the same thing in them, just 3 different headlines. What am I talking about???

Jamie Lynn Spears says she's pregnant !!!
Okay...who is she??? She's the sister of the infamous Britney Spears...and she's only 16 years old. Now, I am not condoning what she's done but why is she in the news this much??? Is there nothing else to report? But like I mention in my other blog, I just hope they cancel her show that young girls who idolize her follow.
Oh well, I guess it's a slow day just like in the blogging world right now.


J said…
hey mommy! nawala lang ako 2 days, here i see domain mo na url mo. or am i just out of it the past few days ngayon ko lang na-notice? time to update my blog roll. anyway, here i am feeling a bit better. i really had it 'good' i tell you.
Anonymous said…
Yes you're right, even here in the PI, she made it on the evening news, i thought it was Britney Spears who's pregnant again, but it's her sister pala, didn't know she had one until now, wow! 16.

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