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It used to be that the only thing I worry about getting are bridal shower favors for friends. But now that I am well in my 40s. most of the people in my life are either married or have kids so a lot of things are going on all the time. Some of these friends are Catholic so the first communion is a big deal for them. Looking for communion favors is always a big thrill for us. We make it a point that this once in a lifetime experience will be remembered by both the communicants and the family. Some of these kids are either graduating in high school or elementary so I am looking for graduation favors like graduation cookies. I’m sure the kids would love these cookies.

In my family, two of my nieces are expecting early next year. One is having a boy while the other one is having a girl. So aside from looking out for some baby shower favors, I am also looking for some christening favors or baptism favors that can be given to both genders Some of the things I would have loved having in my baby shower are crystal baby favors. Aside from being unique, these crystals are just too precious to ignore and I’m sure my nieces would love to get them in either occasion. One these nieces also has a little girl who just turned one so my niece asked me for some suggestions on birthday party favors and I was just too willing to oblige because I love looking for such things.

These gifts I mentioned are only for my family or friends kids. My friends’ and my family members’ anniversaries and birthdays are occasions that we also celebrate so I am also always looking for anniversary favors and birthday party favors for adults. In some of the birthday parties, themes are always the way to go. So my girlfriends would normally have a girly kind of theme while the men normally choose sports’ themed so it would be good to have like golf party favors for them.

In my trip to allinonefunfavors.com, I came across their winter favors. Aside from being timely because it’s now winter in some places, the winter favors they have there are simply adorable like their snowflakes place card holder/ornaments. Look…isn’t it pretty?
I’m sure it will look really nice with this little Christmas tree we have at home.


emma said…
mommy JUl.akin ba yang ibang gifts dyan?hehehe.thanks pala sa tagay ha..grab ko bukas..like you said pangfiller

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