Wanna' Get Away?

I have been writing a lot of my ‘dream travels’ lately here in my blog. Like I have been saying I am not big on travels...there are a lot of reasons for that. One of them is I’m picky with accommodations. I worry too much that it may not be a relaxing vacation if the place I stay in is not up to my liking. I don’t mind staying at a hotel but I really like staying in a place where I have access to more than just a bedroom. Something like a regular house…so vacation homes would be more like a good choice for me.

Now, since that European vacation I have been talking about will cost more, a vacation somewhere near is probably a good idea. Where to? Somewhere in Mexico maybe? One place in Mexico that I have been hearing a lot from my brother in law who went there with his wife is Cabo San Lucas. He and his wife took a much needed rest and they were wanting a place not too far from home. So, he told us that Cabo San Lucas is a get-away place. He even advised us to start looking for some Cabo San Lucas Vacation homes. That’s more like the place I would want to stay anyway.

Another place that I have been reading a lot when it comes to a perfect vacation destination is Costa Rica. I read that this country is home to more than 200 species of mammals, 200 species of reptiles, 800 species of birds and 12,000 species of plants. All I can say is wow. Just the same, if we get the chance to visit this place, it would be for more than a week so we would need to look for some nice Costa Rica Vacation rentals. Yes, something like a regular place…with a kitchen, a living room that is separate from the bedroom.

I know it may take a while before our family can go to either Cabo San Lucas in Mexico or to Costa Rica. But I always like to prepare in advance. So even if we don’t have any immediate plans to go on vacation, it wouldn’t hurt to start looking into different vacation homes as early as now. Would it? Besides, I’m a girl scout so I am always ready.


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