Aha...Work CAN really KILL You!!!!


Work-related stress to be more specific. And I thought it's just a popular saying. Now it's been "proven" that, yes, work-related stress can actually kill a person. Well, that's based on a findings on a study that been's going on for years. Who was involved in the study you may ask?? Me! Not quite. They actually had 10,000 British civil servants. I wonder if the result can be applied to us here in the US.

Anyway, the most affected by this are people who are..get this, under 50. Oh now I can't wait until I turn 50, then I won't be included in the and I can stress myself as much as I want to. Hehe. Do you think factors brought about by stress contributed to this findings? Of course. Those who are stressed have the tendency to drink, smoke and eat more. I didn't think a study is needed to know that.

So now you know. Stop chasing those opps or you may just end up in the hospital....kidding...

Source: Yahoo News


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