AOL says Buh-Bye to Netscape Navigator


Yep, after 13 years of peace and harmony, AOL and Netscape are DIVORCING! Starting next month, February 2008, AOL won't support Netscape Navigator each is own is their drama now...LOL. According to the news, Netscape can still be dowloaded but AOL won't be releasing security as well as updates for the browser anymore. Who is to blame on this separation? Microsoft of course. It used to be that Netscape was the toast of the town. That was in the 90s. But it didn't take long for Microsoft to notice Netscape's success so did they do? Develop their own browser, Internet Explorer and distribute their IE browser for FREE!!! Now, why didn't Netscape think of that when they started their browser? No idea here. But they eventually did the same but it was too late. What can Netscape do to survive. Sell it to AOL for $10 Billion!!! Not bad, eh? And that's how AOL and Netscape got together. Unfortunately, even that cannot save Netscape from going down the drain thus the decision of AOL to drop it like a hot potato [ may not be right].

So for those who are using the Netscape Navigator browser, come February 2008, Netscape will be on its own so better be prepared to take necessary pre-cautions. Well, all's not lost though because Firefox will still be around. So there!

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