Awards, awards, do I thank thee???

I may have not won that "Filipino Blog" of the week award [btw, thanx much to those who took time to vote for my blog...I will forever be indebted to you!!! mwah!] but I sure have received some really heartfelt awards from my precious bloggler friends. Without further ado, let me present them here one by one. Ahemmmm.......

This the 'bolang kristal' - Forever Friends - that I received from 3 of my precious blogger fwends. My Lola Tess first handed it to me then my katukayo, Lucel Juliana, Michelle and Theresa so graciously handed it to me as well. Words cannot express how thankful I am for being included in your 'ball' of friends...hmmm, parang mali ata yung tunog. hehe....seriously, maraming salamas sa inyong apat. At syempre...BACK ATCHA!!!!

The 'heart' - the Love Blog's Spreader of Love - and the 'pusa' - best blogging buddy - awards were given to me by the Sweet Theresa and the cute Michelle. Very sweet indeed. Thanks, Theresa and Michelle for finding the time to come here and hand me this award despite your buzy buzy schedule. Appreciate it, girls!

Who do I give these awards now??? I've seen these awards in a lot blogs already but I would still give it to: Pinaymama-Joy, Nancy of My Simple Life, Michelle, Ritchelle, Wilson and Denz...yan, ladies and gents. If you don't have it posted on your blog/s yet, feel free to snag these 3 awards from yours truly. Enjoy!


'Mum-2-3-' said…
Thats cool awards! Good for you Juls! Hope you have a safe tuesday!
Ritchelle said…
thanks for this teacher Jul,,,i will post this dun padin...have a nice day!

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