Britney Spears....headliner again!

She's at it again...hogging the headlines. It seems that everywhere I go, be it Yahoo or Newsweek or some other online entertainment news magazine like People, the former Pop Princess, Britney Spears is on the headline for the past 48 hours. Why is that? Well, because she just added another 'oooppps' in her life full of 'ooopppps'. Yep, "Oopps, she did it Again".

What is wrong with her? Too much money maybe? All I can do is shake my head everytime I see her name in the news because there is a pretty good chance that it's not something good. She had a very charmed life. Everything was [still is, I think] on her her beck and call to say the least. So what went wrong? I guess too much of everything at such an early age. Honestly, I wish she gets help ASAP. She has 2 kids that she brought into this world...if anything, those 2 kids alone should straighten her up.

I have never been a fan of her...never bought her CDs nor watched her movie but I get to read her story everywhere. How can't I? She's on every online news/entertainment magazine. Oh well, back to our regular programming.


Anonymous said…
me too! i'm getting sick and tired of reading and seeing britney everywhere i go online! maybe she has some psychological problems, i dont care! i just pity her children though...

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