Busy Tuesday....


Well, this time it's not related with my work. I'm busy going through bunches of papers. Sorting, shredding and filing papers the whole morning. This is probably one of my favorite things to do but it sure is very tiring just sitting on my bum for hours.

I am trying to find and sort all the papers that my husband needs for a meeting regarding the upcoming trial of the house builder who screwed more than 100 families of money resulting to broken dreams and depleted savings. The now so-called 'bankrupt' [I don't believe he is indeed bankrupt] builder, Coral Bay Construction, Inc., promised to build numerous houses for 140 families and failed short of that promise. Unfortunately, we are one of the many families that have been fighting an uphill battle since 2006, legally that is. It has been an uphill battle for us personally since we signed the papers in late 2004.

Instead of facing the music and taking responsibility for his actions, Steven Bartlet, chose the easy way out and filed for bankruptcy. That of course left us with no house and no money all because of this man's selfishness. We cannot sue him simply because he filed for Chapter 11 but the State can as long as they can prove that he used the money he got from us on himself. That's exactly what they State Attorney's office found out thus the case of Grand Theft against him. He was arrested on Nov. 10, 2006 but posted bail [of course] of $10,000...probably USING OUR MONEY!!

Please keep us in your thoughts as we fight this 'monster'. It won't be an easy feat but I still believe in Karma...for every action, there is a always a reaction. I believe that there's a reason for everything. We may not know what it is now but it doesn't mean that there isn't.


Michelle said…
Sorry to hear about the monster house builder. I wish you the best of luck girl. Don't lose hope and keep on praying. God has a purpose why this happen to you and your family.
Animesh Singh said…
Good Post!! saving is always important for your bright future.

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