Celfones and Driving

So how many people do you know drive while they're talking on their celfone? Unfortunately, we know one too many. I'm glad that some states actually banned this practice. I just hope that the other states follow suit until the whole country is free from it.

Some people may claim that they are careful drivers but that's not acceptable. Fortunately, I have not come across news [or maybe I just didn't pay attention] where someone got hurt because either the victim or the other driver were talking on the celfone. Personally, I believe that a person driving under the influence is not any different from a person driving while talking on the cellphone. They are both hazards on the street.

Anyway, I just thought about this after reading this news - study/research - at Yahoo. It says that "Cell phone users tie up traffic: study". Here's an excerpt from that news.

Prior studies have equated the risk of driving while talking on a cell phone with driving while drunk. Some 50 countries have banned use of hand-held phones while driving.
The latest study shows the impact of cell phone use on traffic patterns. "It has to do with the reaction to changes in speed," said Martin, who teaches civil and environmental engineering.

I don't drive yet but the thought of going our there then be faced by all these 'hazards' just scare the heck out of me.

Source: Yahoo News


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