Did it again....

Yay! I think I finished my rounds early today. My first for 2008 actually. Cool, eh? Anyway, I off to have some lunch. Not much work available right now so I'm just probably going to surf the net. Hopefully work will come trickling down later on.

Enjoy the rest of the day and see you around. In the meantime, I'm leaving my pet to guard my blog while I'm off to lunch.

Edited to Remove the Most-Hated Pet in the blogging world...hehe. Actually, I am also deathly scared of snakes. I just saw that pic on Yahoo....hehe. Here's another pet I have. Hopefully, you will like this one better.


Anonymous said…
Your pet is scary. Enjoy the rest of the day too>
Anonymous said…
ewww! scary and kadiri yang pet mo na yan! di na lang cguro ako tutuloy sa inyo! lol

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