Disability Insurance

One of the things that some professionals like doctors, lawyers and others take for granted is getting a disability insurance. Why is that? For one, a lot of them believe that they don’t need any disability insurance because they are healthy. So when something happens, they are caught off guard. The problem is they tend to forget that their income is their biggest asset. So once they are disabled and cannot afford to work for some time, they also put their lives in jeopardy.

A good example is my former co-teacher whose husband is a doctor. The husband was very healthy but he got into a motorcycle accident. As a result of the accident, he was sidelined for a few months. He’s very thankful though because the hospital he works for gave him some disability insurance information months before the accident. He was able to apply for one prior to the accident. So during the time he was recuperating, he did not have to worry about lack of income because the insurance covered his income.

One place that has rich information on disability insurance is Protectyourincome.com. The site has complete information as well as videos that are very educational. This is on top of the different disability insurance quotes they have available. So if you’re someone who considers your job as your main source of income, check protectyourincome.com. In the long run, it’s still better to be prepared than be sorry.


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