Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Florida Primary is Over and Done.....

And it looks like it's what the other candidates needed to realize they're better off just supporting instead of running for a national position. Just this morning, it was announced that Rudy Giuliani of the Republicans decided to drop out of the race and just support John McCain. As for the Democrats, the underdog John Edwards is also quitting the race. This is his second time to bid for the nation's top post. He originally wanted to run for the Presidency in 2004 but was convinced by his opponent John Kerry to join his ticket as a Vice Presidential candidate. Well, he is still young. He still has numerous chances to make his dream of becoming President a reality.

So who's left now for each party. Let's see:

Democrats still has Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama going at it. I don't think any of these 2 will give up till the last minute. Hey, maybe they will run in one ticket.

Republicans on the other hand still has 3 in the running. John McCain, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. It's a close fight for John McCain and Mitt Romney so it's probably one of these 2 who will make it in the Reps ticket. But then again it's politics so who knows. Let's jus wait and see.

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