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Finding a good mortgage company is the first step in making one’s dream of owning a house a reality. It’s crucial to find a company that is honest and forward about the mortgage process. We decided to have our house built in 2003. We knew we won’t have a problem looking for companies that give mortgages so we started looking for a builder first. We found one and they recommended a mortgage company that they do a lot of business with. We listened and without going through the details, listening to them was probably our worst mistake ever.

As a result, I now make it a point to tell my story to friends all over the world. I believe that what happened to us can happen to anybody anywhere. My friend in the UK is now planning of buying their very first house. And yes, I gave her my unsolicited advice. Since she’s in the UK, she would have to get a UK mortgage. I told her to make sure that they get mortgage quotes first before jumping into anything.

One place where they can find everything about mortgage deals is This place should be their first stop because they have all the information needed by people who are dealing with mortgage like a free mortgage guide and they can compare different mortgages here as well. So if you are in the UK looking into getting a mortgage, visit first before you make a decision, It may just be the best decision you’ll ever make.


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