woman's haven!


How would you like it if I tell you now that there’s a place out there in the world wide web where ‘Women’ is the main character? Well, not just women per se but anything and everything about women like shopping and style. Yes, there is such a’s called Now you wouldn’t think that a man would start a site with that name, would you? Anyway, if you are a woman who wants to know all the hot tips in style and fashion, then grapevine is the place for you. The girls at grapevine namely Gabby, Liv, Shannon and Raqui are always ready to lend a helping hand if you need help say in choosing what clothes and accessory you should have during the really cold winter season. They even open their own closets for you so you will see for yourself that they do what they preach. This means that they wouldn’t give you any advice that they themselves have not tried and tested. Aside from fashion, also tackles family. They share their own family traditions as well as their family’s interests.

Of course, if there are women, shopping can’t be that far behind, right? That’s right because at grapevine, you can shop with the girls. They have all these products that women can choose from at the site. From lingerie to jewelry to shoes, they have it in there. They have a wide variety of products as well as merchants to choose from at a price that you desire. So if you want some friendly advice from women who are experts in their own right when it comes to fashion, style or shopping, visit and feel the power of women.


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