How My Saturday Went Down....

Yep, I got a little busy today trying to do everything all at once. The husband went to work early, as 5 AM and yes that's his normal schedule, sometimes even earlier. He likes to start early because he gets a lot of things done between 5 and 8 AM. I went back to bed after he left then got up about 8:30. I had 3 loads of laundry so I started with that. While the first load was washing away, I put dinner in the crock pot then I checked my blogs, emails and what I need to accomplish for the day while having breakfast. After breakfast I asked the little one to do a page of her workbook then she can play in her bedroom. I continued with my mission for the day...clean and clean while laundry is doing its thing. Dusted here and there then cleaned the bathrooms. After that, I went to fold the first batch of my laundry. Then off to vacuuming...then more folding...vacuuming then folding.

By 1 PM, I was done with most of my housework...yay! I still need to mop the kitchen floor but I was already exhausted so I didn't do that....maybe tomorrow. After having my late lunch, I started working on some opps I have waiting for me. Then it's dinner time. By 5 PM, my pork roast in the crock pot was all tender and ready to be served. What did we have for dinner? A normal American food....roast pork, mashed potata and some veggies [sweet peas for the little one and lima beans for the husband and none for me...hehe] with buttered dinner rolls.

Here's a pic the 'future' photographer took just before she started attacking her dinner.


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