Irresponsible Journalism???


I posted in my other blog about the demise of Heath Ledger. He was a 28-year old Aussie actor who's been one of the in-demand actors in Hollywood. Per the news that have been printed, they still don't know what caused his sudden death and it will take 10 days for the toxicology test results.

Since he was a well-known celebretiy worldwide, different news agencies are trying to sensationalize his sudden death by coming up with their own twist of this sad and tragic end. What blows me away is they would air / print snippets of his past interviews making it look like he was relating something that he's not. These snippets, particularly him talking of death and his daughter, make it appear that he's like giving hints of what's to come....meaning his death. But if you go over the whole interview, he was just talking how his being a dad had changed his outlook about death.

Someone died and there's now a little girl who will grow up not knowing her father as much as she should. I just wish that these reporters would stick to what's real instead of coming up with twisted facts.


Anonymous said…
sad news for a talented mommy jul ano..?kasi naman dito may mga sleeping pills na yan pa..ang hubby ko nagtatake ng ganyan kasi may insomnia sya..since nong nagkaroon ng open heart surgery para daw ya may paranioa about death..tayong pinoy we take life easy.sila kasi minsan worrier ba..good day nga pala mommy jul.lamig dito..uulan yata ngayong gabi..

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