It's Monday...


what are you up to today? A lot of people don't like Monday..well, some even despise it. If Monday is not around, I'm sure Tuesday will be the most hated day...hehe.

Anyway, I have been quite busy for the past few days...well, since last week. There is work for one company I am working for. When the work came in, some opps also came in so I have been juggling between the two. In between, I'm doing the household chores. In between, I am teaching our little girl. In between, I'm bloghopping. In between, I chat....haha. So you see, the keyword here is "in-between". I still have to do some kind of a training for anothe gig that I want to do. But with all these things happening at the same time, I don't think I will be able to do that. I probably won't. We'll see.

Right now, my little one is doing her Gr. 3 English workbook. Later on she has to do her Multiplication and Division drills which she does daily. I need to sit down with her and teach her how to do subtraction with borrowing one of these days. That would need some one-on-one time.

See how busy I am nowadays? Then I have to do the interviews I agreed on doing when I became famous because I am a nominee for the blog of the week...toink!

Okie dokie...I'll be around. Just a bit busy. Thanks for taking the time in visiting. I'll try to do my rounds later on.


Anonymous said…
ahihi! iba talaga pag sikat ano? hahaha! susuportahan kita kahit anong mangyari! hahaha! great monday! kahit madami sila na di gusto sa monday, i still will wish u have a nice one! :)
Michelle said…
hi julz! busy rin pala ang buhay mo ano? pero oks lang yan, kayang kaya mo yan. hope a had a good monday!

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