It's Winter in Florida???

Well, it's nothing compared to other states but we are finally feeling some cold weather here in the Sunshine state. Yesterday was in high 70s I think. Last night, the temperature dipped a little low, not sure how low but enough to make owners of orchards around to be concerned. Right now it's in the 50s, I think. I'm in the house so I'm really not sure. Of course the heater is on which means we're cheating...hehe.
Anyway, I thought I'd "boast" about our winter here in Florida. Ha! It only happens very seldom that we get this low temps so I wanted to chronicle it here...haha. Tonight is expected to be in the 20s...brrrr. The husband is very happy right now because this the kind of weather he likes. Me? As long as I'm in the house, no worries. Here's what we should expect for the rest of the week. I think, it will be summer again next week...

Weather forecast from: Storm Team 8 Weather Center


RoSeLLe said…
wow buti pa kayo nasa 20's kame kahapon 10 below zero yata :D.. Thankfully sa saturday and sunday nasa 40's kame wohooo! :)

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