John McCain and Hilary Clinton....frontrunners


...for the NH Primary in their respective parties. Wow! I am not really following the political scene here much but when you have a woman wanting to be a President of the US, you can't help but hear and see a lot of news about it. I am not rooting for anyone but I'm curious to see if America is indeed ready to have a woman President or an African American President. For the Democratic Party, it would be a bit hard to predict who will end up running for the position because they seem to have popular candidates....Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and John Edwards are just 3 of them. For the Republican Party, I thought Rudy Guiliani is leading the pack but now that John McCain pulled an upset in New Hampshire, who knows who is going to be in the Republican party ticket. They also have Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. Just trying to remember who's who in this rat race is giving me a headache.

Oh well, I guess we wil have to wait and see who the final candidates will be for both parties. For now, I'm going to bed.

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Anonymous said…
it is indeed interesting to see a woman president who will run this country. yay! :D

nga pala, pr3 pa ba tong page mo na to? nice naman...

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