Kennedys Vs.Kennedys????

Yep, you know it's election time when it's family vs. family. I just read in the news that the Kennedys just picked their candidates they want to endorse. It's just the primary and it's this exciting already.

Yesterday it was JFK's daughter Caroline Kennedy who announced she's backing Barack Obama. She even said that then today Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy just announced the same thing - he is for Barack Obama also.

Now it becomes Kennedys vs. Kennedys because Ted Kennedy's sisters Kathleen and Kerry as well as their brother Bobby are supporting Hilary Clinton. Oh no....what's going to happen now? I am only waiting for Eunice Shriver to endorse someone. For those who don't know who Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is, she used to be Lt. Governor of Maryland....whatever than means.

There we go.......let's see what tomorrow brings....rather who endorses who...


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