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With the sexy hot Momma Anne posting pics of her little angel Jadyn, I, of course, was having the "baby blues"...hehe. No, not the ones you have after giving birth just the 'envy baby blues', if there is such a thing...LOL. Hey, I'm allowed to have those, right? Especially now that I may not have another one....not that I want one at this late in life...'ya know I'm in my early/late 'tys...twentys?? thirtys??? maybe fiftys Just take a guess, ok??? Haha.

Anyway, I was going thru our little one's baby albums, as usual, and I found these 2 pics of her sleeping. I just don't understand how she could sleep like this for hours...literally. I was uncomfortable for her but she was not so I didn't dare bother her. Mind you she was at different stages of her baby life here.

The one on the left was taken when she was probably 5 months old while the one on the right was when she was almost 2 years old! See the sleeping positions? They're the same, right? Btw, she's now 5 so those pics were taken years ago...haha.

Just thought I'd post them here for fun...hehe


tx sweetie said…
wow ang cute naman nito Mizz J...parehas pala tayo ng babies..nong baby pa ang anak mo medyo maypagka bald din? hehe..hanep ganda ng anak mo! awsss saan pa ba magmana? eh di sa mama!!

by the way,just here lang passing by. gusto mong malaman kung paano ko pinagtripan ang anak ko? punta ka lang sa biddak's footprints na blog ko ha?

paalam poWw

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