Muffin Pans

So I asked the husband to get some muffin pans today. He came home with 2 different kinds. Can you tell the difference aside from one having 12 muffin cups while the other has 6 cups? The one the right has bigger cups! They are both muffin pans but the one with bigger cups are "Texas muffin pans". Hmmm...why are they bigger? I have no idea. I can probably find out by googling or by 'spocking' but I won't because I want the Texas Sweetie - Anne, or Annie or maybe Janine to tell me....hehe. Seriously ladies, why are the muffin pans bigger in your state compared to the ones we have here?


Janine said…
maybe because we like big muffins? hahahahha..actually i dont really know..kong di kapa nag blog about this di ko alam namalaki pala pans namin dito..nyhhehehe..hmmm
""rarejonRez"" said…
duh... doesn't it logical enough that texans are malaking lumamon? ahihihi! pero in fairness ha.. ang laki ko ring lumamon basta bibingka na macharap! ano bang flavor ima-muffin mo? :)
MamaLot said…
grabe naman tong si rare... as I've observed di lahat ng texan malaking lumamon just like from other places...depende... hahahah

Anyways, te Julls I don't know the answer eh.

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