Need a Vacation? So Do I!


The beach has always a favorite place for people who want to get away. Of course my family and I are not an exception to this. But with all the nice beaches around the world, which one should we go to? How about the gorgeous beaches along the Pacific Ocean? Like these beaches…

Noumea Beach
Fiji Beach
We are not planning any big get away anytime soon but we’re already thinking and considering different places once we get the chance to go on a vacation. Well, whenever we decide to go out of town, the first thing we look for is accommodation. For that, has what I need. Affordable places right where we want to be. They have Fiji Hotels and Vanuatu Hotels that travelers can choose from.

Aside from Fijo and Vanautu, there are other places which have really nice beaches like Whitsundays. One of its beautiful beaches is the Whitehaven beach. Just seeing it in pictures makes me feel relaxed already. How much more if I’m there kicking back while sipping my favorite drink. Ha!
Whitsundays Whiteheaven Beach

Noumea is another place that I found in my searches. From what I read, it’s the most ‘westernized’ city in the Pacific islands region. I’m sure that cheaper than hotels has some Noumea Hotels that we can choose from. Right now, I am happy just looking at the beaches that these different places have. I can only dream but one day, I know we will get to see and enjoy these magnificent beaches.


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