Paintball...the new Craze in Town


I have heard about paintball from some former students of mine when they were chatting about it during one of their breaks. One of my students even brought some pictures of him and his friends on their paintball sessions. Apparently, this is what they would do every weekend without fail. They were very excited whenever they talked about it so I got curious. That was in the mid 80s so paintball games were not as popular as they are now.

Nowadays, paintball seems to be a game of choice for a lot of people. But a lot people also, including myself, are not very knowledgeable about this very popular game. If you are one who wants to learn more about paintball and anything and everything about it, like paintball guns or paintball gear, then you should visit They have tips on paintball gear and paintball supplies.

Since this game is now popular worldwide, they now have what is known as paintball tournaments. At, they have videos of these tournaments as well as videos of paintball game scenarios like D-Day and Normandy war-like scenarios. Are you getting curious already? Of course you are! Check out and see for yourself what this paintball game is all about. Who knows, this game may even make it to the olympics one day.


Anonymous said…
Have you tried playing it? Hiak Hiak! It spells F-U-N to me... Hiak Hiak
Anonymous said…
cool i love paintball

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