Renaldo Lapuz...American Idol???

Ok..I'm not sure how to react on this one. I blogged about Charice Pempengco and Alec Mapa so I thought I'd put this here as well. This is Renaldo Lapuz who they said is from Nevada. He went to the American Idol Audition in Texas. He was featured on the show's premiere which aired on January 16, 2008. He sang his "own" composition and the judges had fun 'making fun' of him. Simon even predicted that the song he sang will be big hit...LOL..kinda' like William Hung!

My he a Filipino??? I 'think' he is but I'm not certain. Here's the You tube video. See it for yourself.


honey said…
Thank you mom J for posting this. I also had fun watching... Yeah It seems like his a filipino But I'm not sure..

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