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I remember writing an entry when I first started blogging about my life before the computer and the internet. I have 2 reasons why I wrote that entry. One, I wanted to see if I am not alone in my observation about the impact of having the internet in ones life. Two, I wanted to have something to remind me how I survived without the computer and the internet in my life for the last 20 so years in my life. Seriously, there is not a day that I am not online since I “discovered” the internet. Why not when you can do anything online. Aside from the usual things I do on the internet like emailing, blogging and chatting, I also like to do a lot of searches. Searching what you may ask? Actually, I am searching for anything and everything. I searched for famous movie stars to former classmates in high school. One of the best search engine that I have used so far is

I just came across this site by accident. Well, not really accident since I searched for places where I can search for people I used to go to school to in high school. Spock came up as one of them. I typed in a name of a good friend and voila, his name came up…he’s a member of Linked. I was floored because I’ve been trying to locate this friend of mine for years.

Aside from searching for my high school friends, I also use to look for famous people like....

She was a former Prime Minister of Pakistan that is believed to be assassinated not too long ago. I am familiar with her name and a little bit about her political career but Spock offered more than that. It has information about the different organizations that are related to Benazir Bhutto as well as old and recent news about her life. So I didn’t have to go from one site to another to find more information about her. So now, I can truly say that Spock is the one I will be using if I need to search for anyone, whether it be a famous person or an old friend I have lost contact with. Because with Spock, I know I have a great chance of finding them. Oh, did I mentio it's FREE?


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