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Being from another country, I always wanted to go on sightseeing tours here in America. But before I had the chance on doing that I got pregnant with our little girl. We’ve been on tours but only locally. We are in Florida so I really want to go on Orlando tours. So we planned on going first to Disney World. We did but the trip going there made us realize that next time we go on a tour, we would look for places like Trusted Tours. Why? Because the trip would probably have been a lot easier and less stressful. What happened was my husband who would normally print out a map on long trips like that did not do it that time. It’s understandable because it’s only a 2-hour drive from our place to Disney World in Orlando. Well, that 2 hour trip became a 4 hour trip because we couldn’t find Disney World. So instead of enjoying the trip, my husband had his migraine attack.

So yes, lesson was learned. So for you out there who are planning in taking trips, make sure you check Trusted Tours first before going in one. They are having an ongoing promotion: Win Handheld GPS - Newsletter. All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter and you will have a shot for that Handheld GPS. How I wish we went to Trusted Tours & Attraction before we went on that trip. Well, it’s not too late yet, I still want to go on tours so I better sign up for that newsletter. I may win that Handheld GPS, then we won’t need any more maps whenever we want to go on a trip.


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