Waz' Up Texas??? A UFO????


Huh??? Have you heard yet?? According to the news, some dozens Texans 'alledgely' saw a UFO!!! Yes, an Unidentified Flying Object...ya know, the one that flies around the sky with bright lights but it's not really an airplane. Yeah, that one!

Anyway, this UFO was seen around the Bible Belt in Texas so people thought it's actually the end of the world. Hmmm....Who were the eyewitnesses...yes, plural, dozens actually. A Pilot, a county constable and some business owners.

So what do you think? Do you believe they really saw an Unidentified Flying Object? Or is just one of those low flying objects that some people call plane? You be the judge. Me? I really don't know. I came from a country where people believe in a lot of things more 'mysterious' than UFO so I plead the 5th!

Source: Yahoo News


Anonymous said…
the universe is super duper big. there's no way that we are the only creatures made by God. I believe... (xfile background) wong wong wooong :-)

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