What I'm Grateful For...


Tukayo, Lucel Juliana wants to know 8 things that I am grateful for. Tough task because I have a lot of things to be thankful for so coming up with just 8 will be hard. So I'll write whatever comes up first....thanks Tuks.

Before I start listing, I have always believed that everything that happened to me, happened for a reason. A break-up, transactions falling through, even death. Many may not agree but that's how it has always been in my life. Almost everything good that happened to me has always been preceded by something "not so good". Having said that, here are 8 of the things that I will ALWAYS be grateful for.

1. My Taiwan teaching job. Good money and experience plus I met some great friends for life.

2. Meeting my husband when I did. If I met him a year earlier, we're probably not husband and wife now. Why? I had responsibilities then that I couldn't possibly turn my back from.

3. A decision to turn down a teaching job in LA, California in 1999. Why am I thankful for it? If I accepted the job, either of 2 things could have happened the following year....lose that job or not be able to attend both my parents' funeral. Both of them passed in 2000.

4. My daughter. Life is not life without here.

5. My work at home jobs. If I don't have them, I'd probably be forced to find a work outside the home and leaving my little one at the care of other people.

6. A hardworking husband and for the man that he is. I know that he won't let us go hungry or be homeless even if it means him taking a job that he's not too crazy about. I know with him, success is a WHEN and not an IF.

7. My faith. Right now, I don't get to go to church as much as I want to but I try to keep my faith by having my conversations with Him anytime during the day/night.

8. My parents who are no longer with me. I was not able to thank them for everything they gave me and did for me. I believe that they are still around me guiding me in everything I do.

Let's see...how about you, Michelle, Denz, Abby, Nancy, Roselle and Recel what are 8 of the things you are grateful for? Come on and share, will ya?


tx sweetie said…
wow ang sakit naman ng nangyari sayo.sabay pang nawala ang parents mo Mizz J.kung sa akin kaya nangyari yon ewan ko kung anong gagawin ko hohoho..pero marami ka namang bagay na dapat ipagpasalamt so ok nalang yon.

parang tamad na ata akong maglakad eh kasi ang heavy na nitong tyan ko..tulongg!!!
J said…
nadala mo ako dito. yeah, I agree everything happens for a reason.

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