Thursday, February 7, 2008

6 Quirky Things about ME!! Me!! ME!!


Momm Emma is baaaccckkkkk!!! How did I know that? Kasi she just tagged me!! Hahaha!! Anyway, she wants to know some quirky or unusual things about me. Hmm...if I reveal 6 of them, would you think I am an ALIEN????? I'll try to list the most humanly 'quirks' that I have.

1. I am a 'righty' but I play jackstone with my left hand.

2. As much as I like to sing, I don't sing in the shower. Do you??

3. Never cooked for my family back home so they cannot believe that I am actually surviving.

4. I use chopsticks with my left hand. Why? For the longest time, I refused to use them. But when I decided to learn [in Taiwan], I decided to 'teach' my left hand. Btw, that's a big no-no for Taiwanese/Chinese per my Chinese friend. Why? Because the left hand is used for....let your imagination work now, ok?

5. I tie my hair on pony tail when I go to bed. I used to braid it but tying is faster.

6. I can't do # 2 if I am NOT reading or doing crossword puzzles...used to be smoking but I quit a long time ago so I had to find something to sub for it...hehe...

There you go...I've seen this tag in a lot of my blogger friends blogs so I would let YOU decide if you want to grab this one. Hey, it's not as hard/easy as it lang ba!

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