About Time.....

...that Britney Spears' father put his foot down and be a father once and for all. We all know how much of train wreck Britney Spears is right now. Finally, her parents went to court today and requested they'd be given the legal control on their train wreck of a daughter. It's a pity that it has to get that far but it's good to hear that someone in her family is stepping in to stop whatever is happening to her. Fortunately, the court sided with the parents and gave the Father Temporary Legal Control Over Britney Spears.

I have not watched much TV for the last few weeks but the only time I watch, it's Britney Spears in the news. People around her like this Sam Lufti character as well as that paparazzi boyfriend of hers are obviously taking advantage of her mental and emotional breakdown. They are clearly using her. They're saying that before she was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday[?], she had been awake since Saturday! What the...??? And we still see her walking around followed by tens of paparazzis. What could be in her that she could stay awake that long???? It's good to read that one of the first things that the Dad did was to order a restraining orders to these trolls.

I really hope that this latest development would finally put a stop on whatever is happening to thie girl. As some of the news programs are saying...she's only a few pills away from becoming another Anna Nicole Smith....and I couldn't agree more.


Anonymous said…
i totally agree with u Jolens! I just mentioned that tonight to my hubby that she will be the next Anna Nicole Smith, these paparazzi should leave this poor girl alone, theyre driving her more crazy! Kaya nga yoko na mag artista, mag iinarte nalang, lol!
Anonymous said…
nakakatawa ang comment ni tess, "ayoko na magartista, magiinarte nlang." hahaha...

if not Anna Nicole Smith, well, Britney could be the next Michael Jackson. they just waste their lives, them celebrities. here we can draw that there is one ultimate culprit. Illegal drugs! it's sad that most celebrities use those... stimulants, uppers, whatever they call it. i mean, there are more alternatives to stay awake and energized other than drugs... or better yet, respond to the call of their bodies, not only the physical but also emotional and spiritual. if they need rest, they should take it, and not drugs!

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