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Back where I grew up, life is really simple. Majority of the people in our community did not have bank accounts, credit cards, insurance policies or a vehicle of their own. This is still true up until today. People there still pay everything in cash or get small credits in variety stores if they don’t have the money. People there thrive and they only worry very little. That is the kind of life that I really want, simple and worry-free. But I am no longer in that place and where I am, life is much more complicated. I guess complication came from the fact that I grew up.

Since I grew up and I now live in a place where life is so different, I need to do some adjustments if I want to survive. Things are done differently where I am right now. Like the need for Credit Cards. Yes, I use ‘need’ because I was told it’s important to have a good credit history. Aside from credit cards, car insurance is another must-have nowadays. Of course since we drive our own car then Car Insurance is a necessity. Both these things are new to me so I really need to research them before I apply for both. This is how I found “About Your Money”.

“About Your Money” is an online comparison service where customers can go to, well, compare any personal financial service like credit cards and insurance. One can find things like Home Insurance Quotes at this site. That means there is no need to visit different home insurance company websites because “About your Money” probably has the information one needs. By using this site, one will not only save time but most of all, money. And just like what this site says, it’s your money, it’s your choice.


Ritchelle said…
My parents used to have a passbook for their little savings before,they only managed to save Php360.00 until we grew big,I mean the family.WE were only 3 then became 9, years later.Things are pretty hard.My father nowadays only managed to earn Php60.00 a day,enough for 2 kilos of rice and for the viand.That's how hard life is there.

Pero there seemed to be a problem.Kuryente po is Php32 a month nga lang eh.May fridge tsaka washing machine eh nagka sira-sira nalng di ginagamit.Sanay sa kahirapan eh,hikhik.

Tag po pala,dami ko pang sinabi noh?hikhik...

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