Angelina Jolie...

================================= pregnant after all. For the past few weeks, I've been seeing pictures of her either in loose fitting clothes or an over sized coat when she's out and about. Rumors have been circulating around that she is expecting her second [and third? as there is another rumor that she may be expecting twins] biological child but neither she nor her partner, Mr. Brad Pitt, is confirming or denying it. Jolie was even asked by a CNN reporter during her visit to Iraq if she's pregnant. Her answer??? She turned the tables around and kind of reprimanded the reporter for asking such question considering the reporter is working for CNN as opposed to a TV gossip magazine type of show, I guess.

Anyway, here she is arriving with her partner at the Film Independent's Spirit Awards today. She's finally showing that very obvious baby bump she's been hiding for the past few weeks. This photo is courtesy of Just Jared.

With this new babie/s, they are going to have 5 children all under the age of 10 in one roof. I wonder how many nannies they have? Hmm..anyway, congratulations to the couple.


maybe brad and angelina just love children kaya they keep on adopting and reproducing!

ok lang yon. hindi naman nag-uurong si angelina e. may taga-urong sya!
Anonymous said…
I do wonder too, how many nannies they have, children under the age of ten can be a handful. It's amazing angie's geting twins, wow!:)

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