Yep, all FOUR of them! How famous naman me!!! LoL....anyway, I would like to thank Norm

for this medal of awesomeness,

for this beautiful blogger award - ehem!

and this Pixie dust
For this last one, I would like to thank Aykit! Sino sya? Click Aykit and you will know. I would also like to thank her from the bottom of all bottoms for the nice words she wrote about me and my blogs when she gave me:
THIS! I heart Your Blog!
Let's pass all these awards to Rich, Gracie, Honey and Nancy. Grab these ladies if you don't have them yet in your awesome blogs!!!


Anonymous said…
hi momi..thanks for the award..really appreciate it! u tc!
Norm said…
thanks sis! then visit me again in yesterday site I'm sure you like cosmo cover girl tag kasi marami kang mga beautiful pics, just grab it..take care
Anonymous said…
thanks for this award.. im grabbing it now.. more power to u and to ur blog...

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