Beware of Tax Rebate Scam!!!


This reminder is only for those who are residing in the US.

Since the stimulus tax or the tax rebate has been approved, some crooks thought it would be a good idea to scam people of their money. Yes, there are a lot of scams going on out there but I am writing about this one because it's probably the most famous one now since the rebate checks will be released in a few months - May 2008 is the target date.

How does the scam work? From what I have read already, emails and phone calls are the 2 most common ways the scammers get in touch with their would-be victims. By phone, they would usually ask for bank information saying that the rebate cannot be directly deposited if they don't have that information. By email, there's usually a link that they want you to click.

First, the IRS said that they would NEVER call or email and ask for information because they already have the information. All the tax payer have to do is to file the 2007 Tax Returns and they will get the tax rebate if the person is eligible for it.

Here is an article on about this. Take the time to read it to make sure you don't fall for this scam. Some people already did so it's not impossible for someone else to fall for it as well.


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