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A lot of people like to keep their real age a secret. I am not one of them. Nope, I like to tell the world that I am in my 20s, I meant 30s, oh wait…40s. Yes, I am in my 40s. It’s useless to deny it. One way or another, people will see some signs of my real age like grey hair and some wrinkles or maybe flabs here and there. So why deny, right? But if one wants to look younger than her real age, there are a lot of ways. Eating right and exercising are two of then and when all else fails…cosmetic surgery. Yes, I said it….surgery. Why not? Especially if you have a doctor like Doctor Abergel of Abergel Institute. He is a renowned surgeon who does cosmetic surgery in Santa Monica. If and when I decide to have it done I would want someone like him who has 20 years of patient care to do the procedure on me. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about the outcome of the procedure. At least now I know who I want to do it for me. The only question is: Will I have enough courage to do it? Of course!


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