Court Date Went.....


...well? I guess but I got a bit upset because of what the Defense Lawyer implied according to my hubby. What could that be??? That WE WERE the ones holding up so our house was not built!!! Helllllloooooo?????? We waited more than 1 YEAR before we started asking questions! As soon as my husband told me that, I felt all the blood go in my face. I just wonder how that lawyer came up with that idea???

Oh's useless to get all angry right now because he did what he did and I am hoping and praying that Steven Bartlett gets what he deserves...jail time. I was talking to my husband last night. He mentioned that during the trial, it cannot be mentioned that he spent the money on his gambling or such because it's defamation of character??? WTH??? Do you want to see him??? Here's an article about him and the trial that's going on right now.


J said…
ayyayya kundi ba naman kakakulo ng dugo!

just think postive and pray justice will prevail.

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