Entering Rehab....


...is the new fad in Hollywood! Wait that's not new in Hollywood...that's old news. It's just that everytime you read something about Hollywood, the headline is the newest celebrity that enters the rehab.

Now I know that it's not only them but c'mon!! These people are being admired by a lot of young ones. What do they call them again?? Yes "IDOLS"!! Is it too much too soon for these young Hollywood stars? Do they even deserve to be on the silver screen? I don't know.

Per People's Magazine, the latest young star that entered the rehab is Kirsten Dunst. She's been in the movies forever. So what gives??? She can't be experiencing what the other stars who got overwhelmed with success or a case of too much too soon. She's been successful for years. Well, it's probably a case of being 'burned out'??? I don't know, really. This was just in the 'news'. Some people are denying it but there must be some truth to it because there has been a lot of reports and sightings of her erratic behavior lately. Oh well...I just hope that she gets the help if she needs it.

By the way, have you heard of Britney Spears??? I'm sure you have!

Source: People.com


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