Exchanging Links.....Please READ


I hope this will not be taken the wrong way BUT if anyone do take it the wrong way....Oh well!

Anyway, I get a lot of messages in my tag board about LINK EXCHANGE. I have no problem with that. As soon as I get the request, I usually add the blog to my blog roll right away..then let the blog owner that I indeed added his or her blog. My problem is this: Why don't I get the same in return???

I blog hop very often. I sometimes do it daily. So I know if my blog has been added or not. I am not asking my blogger friends to visit me when I do but if you ask me to add your blog, isn't it just fair that you do the same?

I added some blogs as long as a month or so ago. When I visit those blogs, my blog's name is not anywhere in the list. So what will I do about this? I will be deleting them in my blog roll if I see that my blog is still left out of the list. I will gladly add them back as long as my blog is added as well. That's not too much to ask for, is it?

I'm sorry but I am not going to waste my time adding blogs here when I don't get the same in return.

Sorry for the rant but I just feel that this has to be addressed sooner or later...like NOW...


J said…
I hear you, and NO this is not ranting. The expanding blogroll of my lair is also too much to handle na kaya I decided to stop adding links on that. It's not easy to maintain more so if you want to bloghop often which I can only do once a week at the most except for a few that I visit almost everyday.

It's even more aggravating when you find out you're not on the list, o di ba? Without further ado, I just delete them, nice ka nga eh.
Anonymous said…
i would do the same, i add any link request right away but when i visit the blog, my name is not added there and i wait for few more weeks, i just dont have time to check now but when i get time i will also do a lot of deleting. Happy weekend Ms. secret, lol!

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