Finally..a Rank that Makes a Whole Lotta' Sense!!!


How would you like it to be told that your rank is a big fat zero and not know how that rank came about? Yes, a lot of us here know how that feels. I stopped wondering and aiming to get beyond that big fat hollow thing. But all is not lost you know. Blog ranking has just become something that we can comprehend. Finally, there is a ranking that we understand. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the newly launched Real Rank that’s being done by IzeaRank. It provides Blog Ranks like no other site ranking service out there. I like it because it concentrates on the traffic of my blog instead of some other factors like sub-sampling, inbound links and other factors that I don’t even understand.

The basis of Real Rank is simple…traffic. At least I know what to do to get a good Real Rank…increase the traffic to my blog. So if you want to see your blogs Real Rank, why not try to register it with Izea Rank if you haven’t yet. That way you will know what your blog’s Real Rank is. Hey, if you join now you may even have the chance to win, get this, $1000 each week if your blog gets a #1 Real Rank! Cool, isn’t it?


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