Great Friday....


This week has been kind of exhausting and exciting for us. After some bad weather, a power outage and a little girl with a slight fever, I can say that our Friday couldn't be better.

The weather today has been nothing but nice. No power outage to report which means I'm not going to worry about terrorist attack?? Lol. Then our little one is back to her old self. She only had a slight fever yesterday 'till about dinner time. After that she bounced right back. She was just so tired that she fell asleep on the couch beside Dad who was busy trying to figure his new phone. That's my girl. It's not unusual that she's only down for a day. She's got some strong immune system, I guess.

To cap it all up, I just read in the the news that Steven Bartlett, the owner of the Coral Bay Construction which screwed us of our hard earned money is found guilty!!! Now that is something to be happy about. After all the pain, both financially and emotionally, this man had put us through, it's high time he gets what he deserves.

Tell me, can my Friday get any better??? Of course....if my husband comes home with a 5-carat diamond...Lol...


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