How the "Big Day" went....

Our little girl is feeling a bit better. She's still not her usual self but she's really trying very hard to get on her feet because she wanted to put up something for Dad's birthday. So the whole day we were doing little things at a time. Here's what we did starting at around 1 PM...

-- blow up balloons
-- rest / TV/ make a card for Dad
-- blow up some more balloons
-- rest
-- tie balloons together
-- rest
-- put up the balloons and signs
-- rest
-- write something on the board
-- rest

As you can see "rest " is the keyword here...

This is the result of that...LOL...

Dad came home around 6:30. She jumped out saying happy birthday even if she still feels weak. She handed him our 'pretend' gift [read: it's the Blackberry phone my hubs got, it arrived today..LOL]. Some picture taking then we had dinner. Dad got busy reading his phones booklet but the little girl couldn't wait for the cake so we had the singing and the cake afterwards.

That's how my hubs BIG day went down....


J said…
hey! please extend my birthday wishes to the hubs.

i hope that little one will be back to her usual chatterbox bubbly self soon.

was in bed early last night. well, early for me. I didn't want to be up while the scheduled power interruption was to take place. kaya ayan, early to bed, late to rise pa rin this morning hehe. labada day, today. buti nalang I'm not scheduled to make dinner.

sige, have a good night!

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