How Our Vday Went...


It was just another day for us actually. The hubs worked so did I. The little one got busy first with her books then went to work on her numerous cards. She actually woke up as Dad was leaving for work at 5 AM and greeted us that early.

Last year, I asked the hubs to get some sweets for the little one but this year, I forgot! As expected she asked if Dad will get her the candies just like last year...hehe. So Dad had to pass by the store to get her the candies.

These are the candies - Sweethearts

Daddy also got her this card signed..Mommy and Daddy!

and Daddy got Mommy this box of chocolates....haha!

Now, because of the chocolates, the little girl suddenly didn't like the candies so much anymore...the candies she asked for... hehe.

But the best gift of course is our little one herself. Her enthusiasm about the day was more than enough to make us happy on this day. Her handing me those little heart cards throughout the day made the it truly special.

Here she is on Vday...not wearing the traditional red/pink clothes but clad in yellow instead. Why? Because she said that she is the sun...true because she certainly is the sunshine of our lives.


Just Mhe said…
she is totally gorgeous, love that smile!
Anonymous said…
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